Eating Smart. Being Active.

What you eat plays a major role in your health and how you feel!

When you eat right, you feel better. You look better. And, you have more energy.

A nutritious diet also helps children develop and attain their full level of growth and learning potential.

The EFNEP Program Assitant, Rachel Osborne of Ross County Extension is here to help you achieve these benefits and more!

For Programing Call Rachel Osborne at 740-702-3200 or email at


The series of 8 lessons includes hands-on activities and food demonstrations to make learning to eat healthy a fun and interesting experience!

Plus, All participants receive free class material, give-aways, and recipes. 

What is EFNEP?
A federally funded, FREE of charge program for:
- Limited Resource Families
- Expectant Parents
- Parents with Young Children
- Grandparents Caring for Children
- Community Centers 
- Other interested persons or groups

What will you learn?
- Stretch food dollars to last the whole month
- Prepare simple tasty nutritious meals for the family
- Read and understand food labels for nutrition and savings
- Prepare favorite foods while lowering fat and cholesterol content
- Safely prepare and store food

What topics are covered?
- My Plate (Food Portions)
- Get Moving!
- Plan, Shop, $ave
- Vary Your Veggies...Focus on Fruit
- Make Half Your Grains Whole
- Build Stong Bones
- Go Lean with Protein
- Make a Change
- Celebrate! Eat Smart & Be Active.

After completing the lessons, all graduates will receive a Certificate of Completion from OSU Extension-Ross County.

To learn more about portion control visit: