Ross County Agricultural Statistics

Ross County's agricultural industry is made up of 1121 farms and encompasses 247,903 acres, a 12% increase since 2012. The average farm size in acres is 221. Cash receipt percentages are: 86% crops and 14% livestock, poultry, and products.
Agricultural land use is dictated by the glacial boundaries that cross Ross County. The northern and western portions are glaciated with level to rolling topography and soils that are well-suited to the intensive production of row crops.  The southern and eastern portions of the county are unglaciated, with more hilly topography and soils that are better suited for forestry, forage, and specialty crop production.

2017 farms by size

2017 Farms by Value of Sales

2017 Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold

2017 Top Crops in Acres

2017 Livestock Inventory