Shooting Sports

Contact Information

Questions? Contact Ross County Extension at 740-702-3200.

Members who signed up for Shooting Sports will be notified of the dates for your specific project/discipline.

NOTE: the dates may or may not be before fair week!

Ross County Certified SS Instructors

As of 9/2019, the following individuals are active Shooting Sports Instructors in Ross County...

Dorothy Davis Nancy Hardiesty
Emily Davis Estelito Moraleja
Hal Hardiesty David Muckler
Matthew Hardiesty  


4-H Shooting Sports Camps

State-wide Shooting Education Camp Opportunities are available to youth.  Camps are held at Canter's Cave 4-H Camp in Jackson, Ohio

Senior Shooting Education Camp 
Who:  Youth ages 12 - 18
When:  July 24-29, 2022

Junior Shooting Education Camp
Who:  Youth ages 9 - 12
When:  July 15-17, 2022

Go to: 4-H Shooting Education Camps Website for Registration Forms & Details.