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The 2019 4-H Ohio Family Guide is your place to connect to the entire collection of 4-H projects offered for the year.  When choosing a project, consider your interests, background, what is necessary to start the project, and the resources available to help you complete it.



Need an organized way to keep track of all your years of 4-H Projects, Activities, Community Service, etc.?

•Go to: My 4-H Career Record Book or My 4-H Record Sheets


Q. What is a 4-H Project?

     A.  A 4-H project ismade up of 3 types of activities:

  1. Hands-on Activities: making, producing, selling, practicing, observing, testing, interviewing, etc
  2. Organized Activities: demonstrations, speeches, workshops, county judging, project activities, etc.
  3. Leadership/Citizenship: conducting, planning, teaching, assisting, imforming, etc.

Q. Does a 4-H member have to take a project?
     A. Yes. However, there are 2 ways to take a project: as an Individual Project or as a Group/Club Project

Q. How do I choose a project?

     A.   With over 200 projects, you can find something designed just for your interests. Pick something you already enjoy doing or explore a project area that is totally new and different! It's your choice!! Refer to the 2017 4-H Ohio Family Guide for a complete list. Please note the age & skill levels for all project areas listed in the Family Guide.

Q. Do 4-H projects have age guidelines?
     A.  Yes, members should follow the recommeded ages for project areas. 
Guidelines are indicated in the Family Guide as follows:

(X) = is a project of all skill and age levels
(B) = is Beginning-level project for members with no experience in a project area
         or 8 - 10 year olds
(I) =  is Intermediate-level project for members with some experience in a project
          area, or 11 - 13 year olds
(A) = is Advanced-level project for members experienced in a project area, or
         age 14 and older

Q. Are there any project updates I need to know?
     A. Yes, 2019 project updates are below.

  1. New Projects for 2019
  2. Revised Projects for 2019
  3. Discontinued Projects for 2019

Q. Can you recommend projects for a beginning-level 4-H member?
     A.  Yes.  The following titles are good choices for our very youngest members.
        91    Discovering 4-H
        173  Horseless Horse
        216  Cats: Purrr-fect Pals, Level 1
        244  Vet Science: From Airedales to Zebras, Level 1
        409  Sew Fun
        410  Fun with Clothes
        459  I Spy in the Kitchen
        484  Snack Attack!
        490  Science Fun with Dairy Foods: Case of the Missing Milk
        493  Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry
        502  Science Fun with Flight
        571  Bicycling for Fun, Level 1
        531  Science Fun with Electricity

Q. What is the difference between "Project Completion" and "Exhibiting at the Ross County Fair"?
      A. Project Completion and Exhibiting Projects at the Fair are 2 separate things!

Project Completion / Project Grade:

  • The requirements necessary to complete a 4-H project are listed in your Project Requirements (included in every project book)
  • To receive a Project Grade, members must complete all project requirements and attend project judging/evaluation day(s).

                 Exhibiting Projects at the Fair:

  • County Fair Exhibition is a privilege and is encouraged. In order to exhibit at the county fair and receive a premium(s), members must complete the 4-H enrollment process by March 1 and fulfill the county judging process.
  • To receive project Premium Money, members must exhibit their project at the fair. This monetary benefit is provided by the Ross County Senior Fairboard.
  • Refer to your Project Guidelines (included in every project book) for what counts as a fair exhibit.
  • For a detailed listing of fair rules & regulations, refer to the current year's 'Ross County Fair Book', which is available in late June in the Extension office.

New Projects:

  • 182 Small Equine
  • 593 Seeing Through Graphic Design
  • 612 Geology:  Can You Dig It?
  • 757 Crossbow


New Title Old Title
415 Ready, Set, Sew Active! Active Sportswear
419 Terrific Tops Tops for Tweens
487 Take a Break for Breakfast Fast Break for Breakfast
624 Outdoor Adventurer:  Intermediate Fishing Intermediate Fishing
692 Growing with the Seasons SAME


  • 587 Writing and Reporting for Teenagers
  • 596 Play the Role
  • 598 Set the Stage