Honor Club Information

  • Every 4-H Club has the opportunity to join the ranks of becoming a Ross County 4-H Honor Club! This prestigious award is given to each Club that accumulates a minimum of 212 points
  • Points are available for a variety of activities such as membership, quality of project work, 4-H camp attendance, participation in club and county events, and more.
  • An award for each member and advisor of an Honor Club will be included in the year-end Achievement Packets
  • For consideration, each club must submit an 2018 Honor Club Score Sheet (also in Advisor Events Handbook)


All American Achievers, Clever Clovers, Clover Bees, Elite Eagles, Jr. Livestock Growers,The Spirit Gang


100% Completion Club Information

  • Every 4-H Club should set a goal of becoming a 100% Completion Club!
  • To achieve this goal, all members in your club must complete the year by fulfilling the minimum requirements set by the county.  That’s all there is to it!
    • (Advisors – if you have a member who did not complete their 4-H project or a child who dropped out of the club, simply call the Extension office and let us know.)
  • An award for each member and advisor of a 100% Club will be included in the year-end Achievement Packets.


2nd Year

  • Farmtastic 4Hers
  • Hooves, Hares, Hens

3rd Year

  • Ross County Round Up

5th Year

  • Discover 4-H

6th Year

  • Four Seasons

7th Year

  • Born in a Barn
  • The Rascals
  • We're Growin & Showin

9th Year

  • Nutty Buddies

10th Year

  • American Rednecks
  • Country Kids

12th Year

  • Granny's Bunch
  • Saddle Blazers

13th Year

  • All American Achievers
  • Jefferson Livestock
  • Super Kids
  • The Spirit Gang
  • Tip of the County

16th Year

  • Born Country
  • Bubble Gum Gang

17th Year

  • Sew & So Clovers

22nd Year

  • Blue Ribbon

27th Year

  • Country Freebirds

29th Year

  • Buckskin Stitchers & Mixers

30th Year

  • Walk, Trot & Canter

36th Year

  • We Feed 'Em Well

39th Year

  • Buckskin Ramblers

42nd Year

  • Clarksburg Jolly Feeders

45th Year

  • Clarksburg Jolly Beef Feeders

49th Year

  • Hallsville Friendly Neighbors