The Cloverbud program
allows for and encourages creativity and play!

Ross County 4-H offers several county-wide activities just
for our younger members including:
Cloverbud Day Camp held at Tar Hollow
Cloverbud Share Day
Cloverbuddies Days at the Fair
and more!!

Call 740-702-3200 and we'll help you find a club
in your area of the county!

The Ohio Cloverbud Program is for youth who are:
age 5 and in Kindergarten as of January 1 until they reach age 8 and are in third grade.
Cloverbuds do not participate in regular 4-H projects and evaluations; instead, they participate in non-competitive activities that are specifically designed for their age level.

Cloverbuds are children who explore areas of healthy lifestyle, earth / environment, citizenship, plants and animals, consumerism and Family Science, science and technology, personal development, and community expressive arts.

The primary goal of the Cloverbud program is to promote confidence through the healthy development of social skills, decision-making abilities, knowledge, and physical skills.

The Cloverbud program provides an excellent opportunity for children to reach his or her highest potential because early life experiences, even subtle ones, affect future development.

The Cloverbud program is developmentally age appropiate, therefore, it is: 

  •  Fun
  •  Leader Directed
  •  Activity Based
  •  Non-Competitive
  •  Success Oriented
  •  Group Centered Learning
  •  Many Types of Activities
  • Positive


Clubs are able to check out CLOVERBUD KITS from our office. The kits include curriculum, activities, supplies, CD's & more. To reserve a Cloverbud Kit, call 702-3200.

View the Cloverbud Kit Curriculums:

Visit the OHIO 4-H CLOVERBUD WEBSITE for more information