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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

Why Bring 4-H into Your Classroom
How to Participate
Kits & Curriculum

Why Bring 4-H into Your Classroom

4-H School Enrichment materials create an environment for hands-on discovery. The curriculums target specific Performance and Instructional Objectives indentified from Ohio's Model Competency-Based Programs, Ohio Department of Education. Curriculum & kits can easily be adaped for Grades K - 6.

OSU-E Ross County Staff is available to assist teachers implement the curriculum through individualized training and through classroom presentations.

Plus.. as participants, your students receive the benefits of
4-H membership! They may attend 4-H camp, enjoy contests, and join in other 4-H activities. Students may also expand on their experiences by joining a community 4-H club.


How to Participate

Schedule Programs by contacting Sally Bluck at 740-702-3200 or

Kits & Curriculums

Below you will find a short description of each program.

Breads of the Harvest
Chick Quest -  "Life Cycle" Curriculum
Go Plants!
Rockets Away
Weather Together


Suggested for Grades 3
includes curriculum, kit, incubator, brooder, fertile chick eggs, feed

Eggzactly how does an egg become a chick? By bringing The CHICK QUEST program into your classroom, students observe first-hand the mystery of new life.

Hatch inquiring minds with 18 lessons/activities:
Inside of an Egg; How Scientists Work; Scientific Measurement; Eggshells; Egg Structure & Design;
Other Egg-Laying Animals; Scientific Classifications; Scientific Contributions; Egg Physics;
How Scientists Use Technology; How Birds Build Nests; Engineering Design Process (part 1,2,3);
How to Communicate Findings; Science/Engineering/Technology Careers; Investigating Next Steps

Get students eggcited! The kit includes teacher manual, resource materials, an incubator, fertile eggs, and a chick brooder.



Suggested for Grades 2 - 8
includes curriculum, kit, rocket launcher

Blast off for an action-packed adventure in math, engineering, aerospace, and physics with the 3-unit study of rocketry science.

Soar to new heights with these activities:
  ~ Testing turbulence
  ~ Exploring stability and motion
  ~ Understanding & applying Newton's Laws of Motion
  ~ Observing the relationship between force and mass
  ~ Constructing and launching a 2-liter bottle rocket

The Rocket Away kit contains the supplies to ignite student's imaginations on motion, gravity, and aerodynamics. A rocket launcher is also readily available.


Suggested for Grades 3 - 4
includes curriculum & kit with all bread-making consumables

Bread and butter. Bread and Jelly. Bread and history?? Yes, bread and history have a, well, long history together. Using the Breads of the Harvest curriculum, students explore the science, nutrition, and history of bread-making since the Pilgrims voyage to the New World.

Students "rise" to new heights:
  ~ Analyzing dietary needs
  ~ Comparing the properties of different leavening agents
  ~ Demonstrating grinding various grains into flour
  ~ Testing and tasting various bread recipes
  ~ For a fun finale, each student makes & takes home his/her own loaf of bread!
  ~ Class MUST provice a minimum of 3 helpers for facilitate the bread-making activity.

The Breads of the Harvest education kit includes 8 Food Pyramid activities. Extension staff is available to assist first-timers with the group bread-making activity. Curriculum funded by a grant from the Ohio Soybean Council.


Suggested for grades 4

Glaring sunshine, gloomy clouds, slushy snow, soaking rains. Whether one follows old wives' tales or a trained meteorolist, we cannot influence the weather. With the Weather Together curriculum, however, students will develop an air of authority about our atmosphere.

Flood students' knowledge:
  ~ Building a weather vane from a straw
  ~ Discovering the nature of wind with a sheet
  ~ Blowing bubbles to demonstrate buoyant air forces
  ~ Showing the Coriolis effect with an empty soft drink can

Weather Together is a 5-week, 5-lesson unit. The kit contains basic supplies necessary to conduct the experiments. Thank you to the Ross County Farm Bureau for providing funding for this kit.


Suggested for Grades 4
includes: curriculum, fast-growing seeds, grow light, soil, nutrients

Searching for a way to get to the root of plant science? Dig into the GO PLANTS! curriculum. Students explore plant-science thorugh a variety of skill-building activities.

Each lesson units focuses on a specific plant part (5 lessons)
  ~ Seeds
  ~ Roots
  ~ Stems
  ~ Leaves
  ~ Flowers

The all-inclusive GO PLANTS! kit has the equipment & consumable supplies necessary to complete activities in teh teacher's manual. Also provided... everything needed to grow Wisconsin Fast Plants including seeds, grow light set-up, soil, and more. Ross County Master Gardener volunteers are available to be classrooom partners - Contact us about this growing opportunity.