Camp Frequently Asked Questions 

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For camp registration and complete camp details, read the "4-H Camp Gazette" Newsletter. A copy will be mailed to each active 4-H family in early May; or go to our Camp Page.

Basic Camp F.A.Q.'s

What do I bring to camp?
Check off your items on the Packing List. Remember that campers must carry all their own stuff back down the hills on the last day! Pack light, don't bring a lot of extra stuff, and put your name on everything!

Do I sleep outside?
NO! Junior and Senior Campers bunk-down in rustic cabins scattered on four hills. Each cabin sleeps up to 7 campers plus 1 or 2 counselors. Boys and girls reside on separate hills. Located on each hill are shower houses and toilet facilities.
*Cloverbud Camp is a one-day camp. Cloverbuds do not stay over-night.

What about meals & snack foods?
Meals are served family-style in the lodge. Provided at each meal are nutritious foods - including a ceral/salad & fresh fruit bar. The camp canteen is open daily and has snacks & ice cream.

Do I have responsibilities at camp?
YES! Campers clean their cabins & restrooms, take turns setting & clearing dishes at meals, pick-up litter on trails & in facilities, and have fun. A complete list of camp rules will be sent to each camper upon registration.
*Cloverbud campers help clean up lodge area only, they do not clean cabins/restrooms.

How do I keep track of my stuff? (Lost & Found)
Please write camper's name on all items! Include everything - sleeping bags, towels, clothing, camera, etc.
A "Lost & Found box" is located in the lodge during camp. Campers are responsible for their own things. The staff and counselors are not responsible for lost/broken items.

DO NOT send (or let kids pack) valuables!! Examples - send a disposable camera, not a digital one; pack old play clothes, not new/good clothes.

Cell phones are NOT ALLOWED; plus they do not work in the Tar Hollow area - do not send to camp!

Camp is not responsible for any lost/misplaced items!!

Camp Safety F.A.Q.'s

Who supervises Camp?
Camp Safety is our top priority. Trained 4-H Camp Counselors, Permanent Camp Staff, and County Extension Personnel supervise campers at all times. The permanent staff includes: a Camp Manager, Waterfront Director, Lifeguards, Recreation Director, Craft Director, and Naturalist.  A Health Director (Nurse) is available day and night. Our cooks oversee the kitchen/dining areas. In addition, the Division of Parks & Recreation has regular patrols in our camping area.

Is it okay to leave during camp?
For safety reasons and so all campers may enjoy the entire 4-H camping experience, campers will not be permitted to arrive late, be gone in-between, or leave camp early! We enjoy having each camper fully participate from the start of each camp to the closing of each camp. This applies to ALL camps - Junior, Senior, and Cloverbud.

Can I have visitors?
Parents and family are welcome to look around when bringing their 4-H'er to camp. While camp is in progress, however, there will be NO PERSONAL VISITORS since this disrupts the camp schedule and can make both the campers and parents homesick. This also limits the vehicle traffic in & out of the campsite.

Hey, can I call home?
No. Sorry, no phone is available for camper use. The phone is for staff use only and restricted to emergency use or approved camp business.

Cell phones/pagers ARE NOT ALLOWED at camp! Seriously, CELL PHONES DO NOT WORK IN TAR HOLLOW... no brand/company has service in that area.

Can I ride home with somebody else after camp?
Campers must be signed out by an adult!! Parents, if you need to restrict who picks up your child OR if your child will be riding home with another adult, the parent/guardian MUST complete & sign a "Camper Release Form" and give it to the staff at check-in. Forms are in the office or on the Camp page.

For everyone's safety, all requests must be in writing or child will not be released.

Camp Registration F.A.Q.'s

How do I register for camp?
Look for the May Family Hotline Newsletter which will be sent to every 4-H Family. Included in this extra-big newsletter is the Camp Gazette Newsletter, Camp Registration Form, & Health Form. Additional forms can be found on the 4-H Forms & Documents page.
Fill out both the Camp Form & Health Form completely! Enclose camp fee and return with forms to the Ross County Extension office.

Which camp do I sign up for?
Camps are based upon completed grade of this school year and are geared to the interests of specific age groups.

What are the camp fees?
Camp fees include meals, insurance, programming fees, and a *group photo (a $9.00 value). The exact fee for each camp will be in the Camp Gazette Newsletter. Watch for our Early Registration Discount and save!

Due to overhead expenses, food supply costs, and reservation fees, we do have a refund deadline date.

   *Cloverbud Campers do not have a group photo taken.

What happens next?
Campers will be sent a "Welcome to Camp" Letter with additional details concerning camp.

Can I be in a cabin with my friends?
Sure, BUT PLEASE REALIZE that because of the number of campers and size of cabins, we cannot guarantee cabin mates. However, we make every effort to house a camper with a friend!

NOTE TO CAMPERS: You may request a cabin mate by listing them on your registration form. If you list a friend, then make sure that friend puts your name on their form, too! (or we can't match up campers)
[remember, we work hard to put friends together, but we do not guarantee that campers will be in the same cabin!]

Directions to 4-H

All Ross Co. 4-H Camps are held at Tar Hollow Resident Camp located east of Chillicothe in Tar Hollow State Park.

HOW TO FIND YOUR WAY TO TAR HOLLOW WITHOUT GETTING LOST ...   Please realize that cell phones do not work in the Tar Hollow area! Also, GPS units will send you to the wrong camping section of the park!  Just follow these simple directions below.


-From Chillicothe, take US Rt 50 EAST

-Turn LEFT (North) on St Rt 327 at Londonderry

-Stay on St Rt 327 until you come to the really big "Tar
Hollow State Park" sign

-Note: you will go past a small park sign and past the "Ranger Station" sign

-Turn LEFT at the "Tar Hollow State Park" sign

-After entering the Park, follow the signs maked "RESIDENT CAMP" and watch for the 4-H Clover signs.

I have more questions...
Remember, you can find more information in the May Family Hotline that will be sent to each Ross County 4-H Family or, call 740-702-3200.