You may be asking, "What is the 4-H Advisory Committee?"

The 4-H Committee meets the second Monday of each month at 6:30pm and is responsible for giving leadership to the county 4-H program by advising and assisting in planning, implementing, and evaluation of the overall 4-H program. Members represent their fellow 4-H advisors by bringing their needs, wants, and ideas/suggestions to the attention of the Extension staff and committee.

A total of twelve adult volunteers (3-year terms) and four youth representatives (2-year terms) serve annually.  Four advisors are nominated and voted in each year in the fall.  To serve, you must be a currently active advisor with over two years experience.

2019 4-H Committee Members

Dannielle Amole, Peggy Campbell, Pam Gallaugher, Stephanie Hartmus, Tara Immell, Kim Litter, Angie Lochbaum, Heidi Lovensheimer, Tessie Lucas, Amy Smythe, Lynn Speakman and Aaron Swepston

Youth:  Dee Corcoran, Carmen Corcoran, Bailey Lochbaum and Nick Naumovski

4-H Extension Educator:  Katie Feldhues

4-H Advisory Committee4-H Advisory Committee