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knowledge from The Ohio State University directly with Ohioans.

Our statewide network of scientists, Extension professionals, and faculty have been working together to share information and collect resources that you can use to stay informed. You’ll find answers to Frequently Asked Questions on our hub and helpful links.

It can be challenging to figure out what is a trusted news source. Visit our "How to Analyze News & Data" page for ways to recognize science-based stories and safe sources of information.

What is the Knowledge Exchange?

Founded in 2019, The Knowledge Exchange (KX) is a support platform in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences at The Ohio State University aimed at bringing research to the public in an unbiased and interactive way.

For researchers, KX is a space to share research findings and to generate collaborative partnerships with the outreach arm of the college. KX also provides support through the creation of communication tools and data visualization products.

For Extension, KX partners with educators to provide important data and create tools to aid in understanding with diverse audiences.

For the public and decision makers, KX provides a central resource to access and use world-class research and build mutually beneficial partnerships with the university community.