1. Solar Development in Ohio

    May. 15, 2023

  2. Active Parenting: First Five Years

    May. 05, 2023

  3. Think Green...It's Not Just a Color

    Apr. 14, 2023

  4. Market Poultry Orders due March10

    Mar. 06, 2023

    Last day to order market chickens and market turkeys is March 10. Go to to order and pay by credit card. Checks can be brought to the Ross County Extension office. 


  5. Starting a Food Business Webinar Series being offered by OSU Extension

    Dec. 16, 2022


    Starting a Food Business Webinar Series being offered by OSU Extension –

    Find more details at

  6. 2023 Quality Assurance

    Dec. 12, 2022

    Exhibitors of Market and Dairy Projects must attend Quality Assurance training annually in order to show, exhibit and/or sell their animal at the county or state fair. The idea is that some of their product is intended/could be in the food supply.


    Register Here for 2023 Quality Assurance Training

  7. 4-H Camp Staff

    Dec. 07, 2022

    Join the fun of 4-H Camp by applying to be a part of the Camp Staff!

  8. Mandatory Annual Advisor Update

    Oct. 25, 2022

    This ONCE-A-YEAR training reviews new policies, highlights key topics to improve your club, and reviews the OSU Child Abuse & Neglect Training. This is the year for Food Safety training, too! As a reminder these trainings protect you as a volunteer, the organization, and most importantly our 4-H families!

    Every Advisor must attend one of these meetings in order remain a club advisor. Attendance is only required at one training. Please RSVP by January 15, 2023. THERE WILL BE NO MAKE UP OPTIONS OFFERED.

  9. Farm Science Review new mobile ticketing option

    Aug. 24, 2022

    Even after 60 years, there’s always something new at Farm Science Review and, for this year’s show set for Sept. 20-22, it starts with how visitors can purchase tickets.

  10. Jr. Fair Board

    Jul. 22, 2022

    Now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 Junior Fair Board!  To apply you must be 14 - 18 years old by January 1, 2022 and in 9th – 12th grade.