McHarper Manor in Milford, Ohio (Cincinnati) is offering a free online art tutorial for kids everyday at 1:00 pm!  They post a list of supplies you need and then go-live to work with them on an art/craft project!  So neat!  No need to sign up, just tune in to their Facebook LIVE!  And if you can't join them, they plan to post the videos so you can view them later!  Creative expression is very important to share some of our feelings during this time of transition!  We encourage you to check it out.  

 Did you know the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is offering daily virtual tours?  Yep, it's true come meet Fiona the hippo and her many friends during the daily virtual tours!

How to talk to your kids about any anxiety related to COVID 19 - OSU shares best practices

Check out Google's virtual tours of some of the most incredible museums in the world.  Both inspiring and educational!

The Cornell Lab features 15 different LIVE BIRD NEST CAMS!  How sweet is that!  Check out suonds, feather patterns, beak shape, feet and movements!  The website also has song recordings for thousands of birds, and tons of resources to enhance your bird ID skills!  Check out their website to build your bird knowledge.  They also have info on building bird boxes!



5-Minute Mug Cakes - The kids are home and want a sweet treat.  Why not teach them some baking basics during their math (measuring ingredients) and science (chemical reactions of baking powder) lessons!  It's quick, easy and the best part is everyone chooses their favorite flavor.  Birthday Party Mug Cake   Chocolate Cake in a Mug

Homemade Fruit Roll Ups!  Get in the kitchen with your kiddos!  Just berries, honey and lemon juice!

Banana Pancakes - Try this simple and healthy pancake recipe which is full of ingredients your family likely has at home in the pantry.  Customize the recipe with your favorite extra fruit or nuts.  Yummy!

Want help with dinner?  Want to work on measuring?  Get in the kitchen with your kiddos!  How about these Stuffed Cheesy Shells



It's SLIME TIME! - What's better than good old fashioned slime?  Oh, yes EDIBLE slime that's what!!  Caution:  wash hands and potentially still don't eat.  With these recipes you can make sticky, tasty, moldable slime!  Chocolate, Marshmellow, Laffy Taffy even Static Slime!

Mystery Food Test - don't forget to document the process!  Work on writing, reading and trial and error at home!

  1. Gather your family together
  2. Place a variety of fruits or vegetables on a plate
  3. Blindold one person and choose another person to be the leader of the first taste test round.
  4. Have one person cut a small piece of the fruit or vegetable for the blindfolded person to try (make sure to ask if there are any food allergies before starting)
  5. Ask the blindfolded person to guess what type of healthy food they taste.  If they guess correctly, they earn one point.
  6. Repeat with each person in the group for as many rounds as you'd like.  The person with the most points wins!

Environmental STEM:  Oil Spills!  Whether in the ocean or on roadways understanding the challenges that come with clean up is important.  Check out this great activity to help your kids be more aware.

Bursting with energy?  Here's some great balloon games that are easy to modify for all ages!